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Skill Stuff


Being able to communicate clearly and efficiently is a key part of getting projects done on time and at to their full potential. I have worked with creatives, the general public, and executives, so I have the experience and terminology to reach people where they’re at.


There’s no better way to start a project than making a clean file infrastructure. Ok maybe that’s just me. Being able to revisit work or trade projects between team members on tight turnarounds requires clean workflows. Whether it's color coding layers in AE to tell at a glance where things are, or building out an entire internal network of captured and stock footage. So satisfying.


I love to learn new things. I like meeting new people and learning about things I didn’t even know I didn’t know yet. Knowing animation is great, but so is editing, and graphic design has it’s fun things, and web design is a world on it’s own. Being able to flip between creative fields makes me feel like I can go back to animation with a inspired mind and avoid burnout.


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